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Looking for the Most Reputable Product or Service in the Area for a Specific Business Category?.

Look No Further! We've Got You Covered! Whether You Need Car Repairs, Bike Repairs, Tires, Health Care & Wellness Services, a Good Restaurant, an Outdoor Adventure Guide, a Realtor and More . . .

  We have "Taken Out the Guess Work" to Locate the Most Reputable Local Businesses in Each City and they are Exclusive to their Specific Business Category!

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Unique Just-Outside Southern Utah Area Products & Services

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Support the following local businesses who provide quality jobs, goods & services in a city near you

Below are the Cities Where Our "Featured Businesses" are Located with More Coming Soon to a City Near You!    

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Part of our mission statement at the Support Local Foundation is Prosperity for ALL! Although we support the notion of living a prosperous debt-free life, we also understand the need for good personal and business credit to advance humanity's needs for job creation, home purchases, education, special needs and more . . .

  Due to life circumstances many times outside of our direct control, such as downturns in the economy, health issues, divorce, death, etc. our credit can be compromised. 

  Understanding this need for a "second chance", we have identified a firm that specializes in credit restoration through many tools designed to dispute and remove derogatory information from your credit report.   

Special Discounts & Loyalty Programs for Quality Products & Services are also available through our Featured Businesses

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Your financial support through "Voting with your Wallet" enables local Utah communities to prosper, thrive & maintain our quality of life

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Medical Cost Sharing

"Restoring Health & Prosperity, One Community at a Time"

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our mission is supporting Utah's local communities

Going Local - Economic Localization

Local Utah Job Opportunities through our Featured Businesses (many include "on-the-job" training)

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Local Futures, also known as Economics of Happiness, is a pioneer of the new economy movement, dedicated to the renewal of community, ecological health and local economies worldwide.

  We embrace their philosophy and a special thanks to them for the above video.

You may discover more about their efforts at:

The Perfect Affordable Health Care Coverage Solution for Families, Individuals, the Self-Employed, Independent Contractors, Small Employer Groups, Non-Covered Dependents, Overly Expensive or Expiring COBRA Coverage, Early Retirees not yet Qualified for Medicare and More! 

Click Here to Locate the "Featured Businesses" listed by City & Business Category who are providing quality products, services, local sales tax revenue & jobs to their local communities. These businesses have been vetted by us and meet the highest quality & ethical standards set by our organization. Accordingly, there is only ONE Featured Business in each category.

  By supporting local and choosing individual small businesses and services over the large chain stores and multinational corporations, you are taking back control of your community's health, happiness and prosperity for you, your family and future generations! Vote responsibly with your Pocket Book!




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