Support Local Utah

We are a self-supporting humanitarian foundation made up of concerned consumers and citizens dedicated to empowering the improved health, happiness and prosperity of our local communities through education, implementation and follow-up.

All of us have seen the gradual shrinking of the local small business community along with the devastating economic and social effects that this has created in our communities. Loss of jobs, loss of homes, relocation of entire families affecting the lifelong relationships of families, children's playmates, friends, co-workers and the list just goes on and on!

We then ask ourselves when is "enough, enough"! It's time to take control of our own futures through increased health, happiness and prosperity. How do we achieve this? The simple answer is to create self-sustaining communities through sharing our resources (money, time & talents, etc.) to support our local businesses and communities.

It's time to stop supporting large corporate big-box stores who have their products made outside of our country and multi-national corporations who have outsourced many of our jobs, just to turn around and sell them back to us at higher profits. It's time for us to be morally and fiscally responsible by voting with our pocket-books and supporting our local economies.

So in the coming days, weeks, months and years, we will be promoting your communities through media (print, radio, tv, social media, etc.) word-of-mouth, businesses, educational seminars, etc. Prayerfully, this grass-roots movement will take on a life of it's own to transform many of our communities back to their former glory of increased health, happiness and prosperity!

So please support those businesses that we have listed in your communities and reward them for their support of this movement, their investment in your communities, job creation, etc.

Who are we?